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30 Aug 2019

Full-time Operations Engineer

Victoria Anywhere

Job Description

About BMAT

We love music. It makes our lives a zillion times better. And we want to give something back to her (yes, to us music is a lady). Make her life easier and her future brighter. We apply our scientific, data-infused brains to tell everyone what music has been played – so that creators get the recognition they deserve. We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know. ‘What plays around will come back around’ we say. We believe by helping this happen we can make a positive change in the music ecosystem and enjoy talent for another million years.


As part of the Repertoire team, you will help build and improve one of the most complete music databases in the world. We are connected to hundreds of data sources and digital distributors like Sony, Universal or The Orchard, and we are in charge of ingesting and harmonizing all the musical content at our hands in order to make it available to the services BMAT offers. With Python as the main development technology and a bit of C++ for CPU-intensive tasks, the system processes millions of assets every month both in in-house infrastructure and in a horizontally scalable architecture powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services).

A system of this complexity needs resourceful, action-driven and diligent people to be maintained, operated and evolved. You will work side by side with the operations team in order to offer the best user experience for our clients and develop creative solutions to satisfy their business needs.


What You Will Be Doing 

As an Operations Engineer, you will work at the intersection between the Operations team, who are in daily contact with our customers, and the Engineering team, who plan and execute large scale developments.

On the operations side, you are expected to perform a transversal role, translating customers’ needs into technical specifications and vice versa.

As for engineering, your responsibilities range from ingesting datasets to and extracting concrete information from our databases (mostly PostgreSQL and MongoDB) over resolving issues reported by the operations team up to developing tools in order to scale repeated tasks. You will be free to define your role along the bridge between our clients and the engineering team and find the position where your talent shines the most.

Job Categories: Software Engineer. Job Types: Full-time. Salaries: 20,000 - 40,000.


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