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4 Apr 2019

Full-time React Architect Developer

IJsberen Anywhere

Job Description

React Architect Developer

We have an emotionally satisfying task ahead—the systematic dismemberment of our existing PHP web system and its replacement with a beautiful and responsive React website. We’re taking the opportunity to completely redesign and rebuild the website to bring the best UX/UI experience to our users. There is a world of possibilities open to us.

We’re still in the phase of finalising our tool-stack, though it looks likely that we’ll go with the minimal yet powerful Next.js framework for server-side rendering (SSR). We’re leaning towards React Context API over Redux.

The backend team is building a high-performance and high-volume scalable backend on the JVM using Kotlin microservices in a service mesh and we’re separating the front- and back-ends via OAS contracts using SwaggerHub.

We’ve just started this particular transformation, so we’re looking for architect developers with good taste and strong opinions to help us:

  • Select the frontend tool-stack that will power us for the next five years
  • Lay down best practices that embed UX/UI experimentation (we are an incubator and laboratory)
  • Start to think about how we will build and architect a mobile dev team using React Native
  • Dismantle, deconstruct and dissect the PHP system, yet with the surgical precision needed to preserve its business logic intact and functioning. We will, later, progressively replace it with microservices in Kotlin
  • Define the culture of the team and its standards of excellence
  • Fully embrace this rare opportunity to create something exceptional from first principles

We’re looking for technologists with strong opinions who aren’t hesitant in arguing for what they think is right. When it comes to architectural questions, there might not always be one right answer, but there are definitely lots of wrong ones. So come join the team and together we’ll steer ourselves towards the best tools, the most productive environment and a satisfying way of engaging with the business to meet their needs.

We’re an internal startup laboratory, so trialling lots of ideas is an intrinsic part of our DNA. It would be great if you have experience with TDD, CICD, A/B testing and design-led innovation. We don’t know the right answers or the best designs yet. We will discover what maximises sales conversions and user-retention and click-through rates through iterative design cycles; so a curious and open mind is essential.

We are an incubator committed to doing things to a high quality standard, using modern and productive tooling and creating exceptional products. We are the innovation design lab for one of Europe’s market-leading multibillion euro companies. We’re well-funded and we’re embarking on a green fields reinvention of our platform around the next generation of ML/AI and data science-powered technologies driving exquisitely beautiful web and mobile interfaces. We are disruptors and if you can envisage what the next step in web innovation looks like, come share your vision with us.

Job Categories: Development. Job Types: Full-time. Salaries: Competitive.

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