LSR July Meetup (Gaming to Gamification) Presenter: Shawdow Cities (Grey Area)

Grey Area is an ambitious young company out to change the way games are understood as part of the life in the city. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the Company was founded to create a breakthrough gaming experience using real world locations as the context for mobile games.

According to Grey Area, they see cities as playing fields and neighborhoods as front lines.

The core group comprises Mikko Hämäläinen, Andreas Karlsson, Teemu Tuulari and Ville Vesterinen with a network of world class investors and advisors.

The World’s first truly mobile MMORPG

Shadow Cities is a global location based MMORPG for iPhone, where you aim to conquer your real world neighborhoods for your team. In Shadow Cities neighborhoods and familiar streets in cities across the world are part of the global game world that is visible to you through your iPhone.

Shadow Cities is a new way to see and understand MMORPG games. Grey Area is building a whole new MMORPG genre by combining location aware mobile gaming with global social gaming. Take Part in the Battle for the Dominance of Your City.

In Shadow Cities you take the role of a modern Mage and join one of the two global teams, learning magic and seeing your surroundings with new eyes. Together with your friends you hunt Shadow Spirits and use spells and strategy to battle over the control of your own city and the cities all over the world.

Shadow Cities is available FREE to download. Click here to View in iTunes.


Grey Area will be presenting Shadow Cities at the London Silicon Roundabout July Meetup (Gaming to Gamification) on Thursday, July 7 at the Innovation Warehouse.


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