@Techmeetups supports #Tech #Startups & launches @TechStartupJobs for #LondonSiliconRoundabout

Techmeetups.com organisers of The London Silicon Roundabout Meetup group of over 1000+ members provides further support to Tech Startups by launching  TechStartupJobs.

TechStartupJobs has been setup to bring together the latest Tech Jobs from The London Silicon Roundabout & East London Tech city area.

Tech Startups need great talent and we realised the acute shortage of this talent when helping Songkick promote the SiliconMilkRoundabout event where over 40 Startups signed up to pitch to job seekers!

Some of the companies participating included MindCandy, Songkick, Skimlinks, Huddle, Fizzback, GroupSpaces, Moo, Shutl, Acunu, Last.fm to name a few.

With TechstartupJobs we plan to address this severe shortage of skilled talent by providing Tech companies with a self service portal to manage all their open positions and to market these job openings to talent not only in London’s Silicon Roundabout Group but across UK & Europe (as seen by so many events being planned there).

We also plan to help address this skill shortage by bridging the gap between the huge base of local talent in our colleges & universities and the Tech companies.

This local talent can play an important part if given the right direction, guidance & training. We’re piloting such a partnership with Hackney Community college which is proposed to become a new University Technical College – Hackney UTC from 2012.