Geeky Young Games Company, looking for a good time with a New Bossian

You’re here because you’re capable, forward-thinking, and determined to land if not the job of your dreams, then certainly the job that will put a nice amount of experience on your CV and something healthier than pot noodles in your belly.  You’re here because you’ve completed the journey to get here, regardless of how difficult it may have been.  You’re here, you’re talented and you’re ready, and I might just be ready to have you.

But first things first. Let’s do this whole introduction thing properly, shall we?

Hello, my name is Bossa Studios, and I am a social games studio based in London’s own Silicon Roundabout.  I like shortish lunch walks to Hoxton Square to gorge myself on ludicrously large burgers at Red Dog, two-for-one drinks at B@1 after 6PM on weekdays, and the occasional swashbuckle into pirate territory when I’m feeling particularly adventurous.  People tell me I move at a very fast pace, so you’ll have to be ready to keep up if we’re going to do this thing.

Some key things you should know about me: the people who work for me have a lot of experience behind them in the games industry already, having worked on titles like Runescape, FIFA Superstars, Shadow of Colossus and Final Fantasy.  I’m a games snob, but only when it comes to quality – not platform.  My goal in life is to make games with 1) real immersive gameplay and 2) genuine social mechanics.  So with that said, if you’re just looking to duplicate social games that are already out there, we won’t work out.

If you’re interested, why don’t we have a coffee sometime?  Be sure to bring your CV.  A great attitude will get you very far with me, but you’ll also need to have some pretty impressive skills as well.  Feel free to stalk me at or follow me on Twitter at @Bossastudios.