2011 may’ve been the year of the everyman, with ordinary people being empowered in their back gardens, across social networks, and on global news channels…. but it’s 2012 and the year of the influencer has arrived.

PeerIndex gives you your control of your influence, helps you understand you influence and ultimately benefit from it.

In an industry and marketplace where big data is booming and every company has to consider consumer data, we believe the consumer should be the one benefitting. McKinsey’s “Big Data” report last year demonstrated the transformative power of data. It highlighted how data can help companies become more competitive and grow more. While this is true for companies, we consider it to be crucial for individual’s as well. A person’s digital footprint can make them more successful, profitable, and competitive, if they fully understand it and how to leverage its power. On the one hand we want to empower people to have real ownership of this footprint, of their online presence and profiles. On the other, we want to be upfront about what we do. Many companies mine for the information you publish on the web for their own gains and many of those companies don’t inform you what they are doing with your information.

We’re trying to turn this around, and allow people to control and understand how others and companies perceive them thanks to the content they publish online. The consumer should get the returns from their expertise and their interests. We aim to give people ownership of their online identities. All of this means they can get people rewarded from their online influence. By providing a platform that explains and maps a person’s influence, we hope to let people benefit from their own information and own actions. We’re honest and upfront about how we use your data, and think it’s important to be transparent as a company.

At the moment we’re working at an exciting pace of growth, and are lucky to be recognised in our field by others. We were recently awarded the Grand Prix award at the Europas (the European Tech Startup Awards). We were honoured to take the prize that is voted for by the public online as well as the judges. We’re extremely proud to be recognised amongst one of many innovative tech companies, working their socks off in London to transform the tech industry.

– Azeem Azhar. CEO and Founder of PeerIndex.