PeerIndex: An incredible roller-coaster in building Development Team

At PeerIndex, we have gone through an incredible roller-coaster in building our Development Team – finding some of the best talent in Europe. We’ve brought them together using the tools that eliminate (okay, maybe not completely) time and distance as we press on. Our efforts will build a solution that enables anyone to find, manage and OWN the value of their social actions or “influence” on the web.

PeerIndex’s vision is about bringing you the power and control to own your own social influence to your benefit.

How? We have taken a simple concept of figuring out who was the best source of a particular topic (e.g., who do you listen to to learn about <fill-in-the-blank>?) and migrated the insights into an algorithm that focuses on understanding how you impact the social web with your conversations. Rather than listening from a single point of view, we watch how you converse with others and the ripples you create. From those ripples, you can see how people respond and react to you – getting a better understanding of your influence.

Our team has grown in skills and experience by moving from a simple website with a few easy web services and queuing mechanisms to a global infrastructure supporting enterprise-sized caches, extra-large Hadoop clusters and scalable API services. Our websites are focused more on the development of engagement with information for the user’s benefit and away from the standard data wonk’s Excel table.

And we are still growing.

Are you one of the few that wants to come along for the journey? This is not a journey for the timid or the mild – this is about taking bold steps and really making a difference in the growth of a new company. One that has the potential of being the “Paypal of Influence”. If you want to know what that means, ask me at the event.

Come join us this evening – we are ready to change the world.

Are you a Java person looking to extend into Hadoop / “Big Data”? Or maybe you are a PHP Engineer who wants to build incredible products?  Maybe you are a Javascript Front End Engineer that would like to make amazing web apps that help others understand their world?

We are always on the look out for excellent Graphic Designers and UI/UX talent – especially once with an enthusiasm for infovisualisation.


–       Sanford Dickert Chief Technology Officer at PeerIndex