Tips on Hiring Quality Employees for a Startup

Original post by Local Pages

Everyone knows when starting a business, one of the most crucial parts of the startup process is finding the correctemployees to help run your business smoothly.

It’s no secret that every small business owner starts off at a disadvantage when compared to the bigger companies in a certain niche. That, however, doesn’t mean they can’t find the high quality employees they seek to help keep their business afloat. So, small business owners: What is it that you look for in an employee when you are a startup company?

Odds are, you’re providing a service to someone, so you’ll need people that can sell your product to customers, clients, other businesses or whoever else your main target is.

The first question you have to ask a potential employee is simple and rather generic, but it gets straight to the point of what you want to know. The first question asked should inquire whether or not the job candidate has excellent customer service skills. Odds are they won’t tell you ‘no’, but you’ll some of the time the candidate will give an example of their skills.

Of course, the world is full of customers who become irate for no reason whatsoever, so you’ll have to ask the candidate how they will handle a heated situation should it start to go too far. There are some people who go into interviews with a well prepared answer; however, if they can explain a good example of what they would do, you would at least know they have a clue about it.