How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person For Your Startup

Original post by Chris Rickborn via Round Rockit Media 

In a startup, hiring a new employee can be a business-changing event. The smaller the organization, the more impact each employee has on its ultimate success.

Don’t get me wrong — hiring is critical in any size of company, but larger organizations have the ability to orient and train new employees to an extent that startups can’t offer.

In a large company, if a new employee fails, the work can be redistributed and absorbed by other employees without having a significant impact. In a startup, a bad hire can be devastating. To make matters worse, startup owners rarely have dedicated HR staff, software tools or a hiring process that will take some of the risk out of hiring.

Here are five tips to help you avoid hiring the wrong person for your startup.

1. Stop Giving Open Book Tests

Writing lengthy job descriptions loaded with job requirements may keep unqualified candidates from wasting your time, but you’ve also just given every candidate a cheat sheet. Job seekers are taught to break down your job description and weave it into their resume, which will make everyone look equally qualified. There are even websites that will automatically mash your job description together with the candidates resume and spit out a new version with the right keywords embedded. Sell your company, your vision and the position, but make job seekers tell you what they can do for you — not what you told them you want.