Reputation Management and Social Monitoring Made Easy

Original post by  via Search Engine Watch

Monitoring your brand online is getting simpler and simpler by the day. It’s becoming clear that hiring a reputation management firm not only is a wasted expense but something your in-house marketing team can do itself if trained in the right tools and methodologies.

After all, why spend money on defending a brand when you can spend money promoting a brand? Unfortunately for the unsuspecting client, there are some reputation management companies that are nothing more than snake oil salesmen who over promise and under deliver and in return drain your business of critical capital.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite new online reputation management killer apps that are of an immeasurable value.

The first tool that is a pretty new application or startup is ifttt – if this then that. Simply, ifttt is a robust and powerful social media scripting suite.

When a user joins the site they can select from pre-made recipes or create their own tasks to monitor their brand online.

If you’re just starting to monitor your brand online, the following simple tasks will help you monitor your name and also allow you to broadcast updates to multiple social media platforms, keeping everything up to date and in sync.