Software Review: How Unrabble Helps You Find The Right Candidate In A Pile of Applications

Original post by Ramon Ray via BusinessInsider

For any business, small or large, the process of finding and hiring a new employee is expensive, time consuming and exhausting.  After all, not only do you need to find a candidate that possesses the exact qualifications and experience you are looking for but one who also fits into the ‘culture’ of your company.   For a small business with limited resources and funds, the process can be extremely challenging.

Last week, Unrabble released a new free version of its unique hiring software that is aimed at making the hiring process easier, faster and less expensive.  ”Unrabble is the first solution of its kind to put hiring in the hands of the decision maker and unchain hiring from the traditional paper resume,” said Kevin Watson, CEO and co-founder of Unrabble, a cloud-computing startup that simplifies and redefines the hiring process by moving away from the one-dimensional paper resume process into a multi-dimensional online process.  Their online process provides greater insight into a candidate’s skills, work history, accomplishments, work preferences and, well… life.  After all, you are hiring a person and not a piece of paper, so doesn’t it make sense that you would want to know more about your candidates than what they put on an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper?!

So, how does it work?  I watched the demo and, having been the person who has had to make their way through hundreds of resumes when looking to hire, I was pretty impressed.  The most unique feature of this software is the simple fact that it moves you away from the standard resume process and into the new generation of online profiles.  Candidates create interactive profiles that not only detail their career history but also allow them to provide connections to their social media profiles, integrate video, explain job transitions, rank their skills and brag about their accomplishments.   And just in case you are wondering how valid these candidate ‘brags’ are, Unrabble uses a unique feature called Micro-references that allows candidates to have very specific accomplishments verified by their professional network, which adds even more weight and validity to their profile.