Original post by Anna

The other day I read an article on Inc. asking if the dream of having a happy family life whilst at the same time running a successful startup is possible. To me the answer to that is ‘Yes’.

Life is what you make it and if you want to have a happy family life whilst at the same time run a successful startup, company or have a career in general, then one way or another it can be done. One thing doesn’t automatically exclude the other and whilst it’s not always easy, it’s about finding a way to make both work.

An opportunity

You might be thinking that I’m being naive, not understanding all of the work that is involved in running a startup, or what it means to have kids. Of course, until I have children of my own and am part of running our successful startup I can’t say that I to a 100% know what’s involved. However, therein also lies the opportunity to learn as I go along and shape things from the beginning.
Whilst we are in the very early infancy of our startup I’ve already got a taste of what juggling time and priorities means and it’s by no means easy. I know it will prove even more testing but as with everything in life you learn along the way and you adjust accordingly. And if you don’t, we’ll, then it wasn’t meant to be. Or, you just haven’t managed to get the balance right just yet. If that’s the case then there’s still room for improvement.

A choice

What we choose to spend out time on is our choice. Right now I’m choosing to spend a lot of time working on our company and ideas and by doing so I’m sacrificing other things. I’m ok to do that for now. However, these crazy working hours is for a limited period of time. It’s not how I will spend the rest of my working life, or even the next few years.
The Inc. article is referencing the sacrifices Jobs did with regards to family and how other people are reflecting over that there is a hidden price to Job’s success: