Setting the Stage for Growth

Original post by  via millennialceo

In January when our organization decided to hire a new national channels team to aid in meeting our key strategic initiatives for 2012 we knew we had a big task ahead of us. The new team would consist of 4 high caliber individuals with a background in collaboration technology and we wanted to have the team in place by March 1.

As a smaller organization we don’t have a large HR department to handle screening, first interviews, background checks etc. In our case we are part of the process and when we are busy working on hiring, it can often be a distraction from continued attention to what needs to be done day in and day out.

Knowing that we were making a substantial investment into the future we knew what we needed. First and foremost we needed to make great hires as turnover here wouldn’t work.

We needed a plan to find and sift through great talent quickly so we could get interviewing and more importantly on-board the new team members quickly.