3 Strategies for Your Social Recruiting Efforts

Original post by Ascendify

With nearly 95% of people aged 18-35 belonging to at least one social network, HR professionals have turned to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find job seekers.  If done well, social recruiting can be a powerful way to find the right candidates.  Nearly 80% of companies are using social networks as part of their hiring process.  But are they using them effectively?  Consider these three levels of the Social Recruiting Spectrum.

1. Putting It Out There

The simplest form of social recruiting is using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to announce a job opening, or to broadcast that you’re looking for work.  While these tools will help get the word out, you can’t be sure that right people have heard your message.  And let’s face it — sifting through wall posts or blanketing a generic message to your entire network has not proven to be very successful in most cases.

 2. Making the Right Connections

Taking it a step further, social recruiting is about leveraging the right connections at the right time.  Job seekers will reach out their network (friends and friend-of-friends) to see which of their connections work for a particular hiring company.  They’ll ask about culture, job availability, and fit.  And hiring managers will do the same within their network.  They’ll ask for employees to refer candidates to help alleviate risk.  This method insures the message is getting to a targeted connection that might be able to help.  But it can be quite time consuming.