Mind Your Business: Pencil Problems

Original post by Jeanette Mulvey via Busines News Daily

We reported on a shocking – or at the very least – surprising fact last week: Pencil sales are on the rise. That’s right, despite everything you’ve heard about the world going digital, the prevalence of touch pads, smart phones and tablets, people are still writing…with pencils!

If I’d bet on this one, I would have lost. I never would have guessed so many people were still buying pencils. The story illustrates something we often forget, but is invariably true – things aren’t always as they appear. While we (the media) and every tablet maker would have you believe the world left writing by hand behind in the last century, apparently, it’s simply not true.

It makes me wonder how much of what small business owners deal with every day has nothing to do with the kind media coverage we often see. I saw a Tweet the other day that said, “Everyone is focused on startups, what about us old guys?” It does seem that well-established, less sexy businesses – the ones without startup money or revolutionary new products to offer – get lost in the shuffle when we talk about small business and entrepreneurship.