Where your industry’s jobs are hiding on the web

Original post by SARAH O’CARROLL via news.com.au

TEACHERS, advertising executives and non-profit workers should go to Facebook. For retail and energy workers it’s Twitter.

And if you’re turning to social media to look for work in hospitality, health, law or defence you should be looking at LinkedIn.

These were the findings of a survey looking at what social media channels Australian recruiters use to find candidates.

The online survey of 35,000 people, done by recruiting software company Bullhorn, revealed the sites used varied widely between industries.

Scroll down for the Top 10 Industries posting job ads to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Interestingly, the top four industries posting jobs to LinkedIn, the “professional” social network, don’t even feature in the top ten industries to post ads to Facebook or Twitter.

Similarly, recruiters posting jobs to Twitter, don’t choose to post job ads to LinkedIn or Facebook.