Early start-up employment is a must!

Original post by Themoogul

You might be considering an MBA or you might already have one and now you want to start a company. You probably rationalized that an MBA would give you all the knowledge that you would need to start and run this company. In that case, you may have had some thoughts like these:

There really is no reason for me to work for another company. What’s the point? I learned everything I need to know while getting my MBA, so I’ll just start a company and make it work! I know what kind of business I want to build and working for someone else won’t help me do it.

This is wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. These are lies we tell ourselves as an excuse to avoid getting a job while we pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. The worst lie you can tell yourself is this:

There is no business out there like the one that I have in mind and I won’t learn anything useful working for someone else.