Social Recruiting: Are you up on the trends?

Original post by Millenium Staff

The recruiting world is a fast paced one, and the trends change from year to year.  The past few years have seen a huge influx of social media resources that recruiters can easily use to their advantage.  The question is, are you on board?  The Society for Human Resource Management shared some key stats that might motivate you to get connected to candidates and companies via social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, to name a few.

Facebook.  According to a survey by the SHRM, 58% of human resource professionals are using Facebook to recruit and get to know more about potential employees.  However, there are currently over 850 million Facebook users, easily making Facebook the number one social networking site on the web, so more hiring managers should jump on board.  What better way to see how a person really is than to view their page?  Said Boese, an HR podcast creator, ““As Facebook has become more intertwined and engrained in what people do on the web … there’s a little bit more of a lowering of that bar between public and private and personal and work.”  With that said, Facebook is a great tool for recruiters looking for specific personality fits for different positions.