A Glympse of the future in Seattle’s South Lake Union

Original post by  via Geek Wire

My first clue that something had changed forever was the police.

In bright yellow vests, they descended on the area, guiding rush hour traffic out of parking garages and into the streets, down Harrison and onto Fairview.

At lunch, the line for the taco truck was clear around the block.

“Why do we all keep building tech startups?” I asked a friend. “Think about the profit margin on that taco truck.”

In retrospect, it was pitifully naïve – this idea I had that there would forever be one food truck on the corner of Republican and Boren. The face of South Lake Union was changing, and I was focused on burrito access.

Before the basement offices of Founder’s Co-op became home to Zipline Games, they housed a number of startups, including Startup Weekend and Seattle 2.0 (which would later be acquired by GeekWire). I wrote a weekly column for Seattle 2.0, and on occasion I worked from those offices, windowless and clockless and exceptionally bent to singular focus. (“It’s like Vegas,” commented then-CEO Jennifer Cabala.)