How to integrate social recruiting – Part One

Original post by Tribe Pad

When you’re a corporate business, and you take the big decision to move part of your recruiting, talent attraction and sourcing efforts to social. Most of my work involves working with businesses at this stage. Over the last year I’ve worked with Hard Rock Café, Oracle EMEA and APAC, and most recently the BBC.

Integrating social takes 4 key stages to make things effective, and I’ve picked up a few learning points at each that I want to share with you. The 4 stages are:

  • Technology
  • Social places
  • People
  • Launch

For the next 4 weeks I’m going to be covering the key considerations in each of these stages, concluding with a webinar (date to be announced), where I will be using case studies from companies who are at different stages of the journey. In this post I will be covering stage 1: Technology.