Startup aims to make selling online simpler and cheaper

Original post by MARK EVANS via The Globe And Mail

Entrepreneurial ideas often pop up when a problem presents itself. That was clearly the case for Katherine Hague, who printed some T-shirts to promote her consulting company, Ninja Parade, and discovered there wasn’t a quick, easy and professional way to sell them.

Ms. Hague didn’t wanted to launch an e-commerce store, so a service such as Shopify was overkill. Instead, she was looking for a way to sell a single product using a service that didn’t have many frills but worked better than simply a classified ad.

The answer was ShopLocket, an online service that lets people sell their products by providing a few details and uploading photographs.

It’s also a low-cost solution – ShopLocket charges a $2 publishing fee when someone makes his or her first sale, followed by a 2.5-per-cent ongoing transaction fee.

The 21-year-old Ms.Hague said that creating ShopLocket, which launched officially last week, has been a huge learning experience. Perhaps the biggest lesson, she said, is making sure to have a strong knowledge of your potential customers and their needs.