Learning to fly on their own

Original post by LAUREN LA ROSE via  the chronicle herald

Young entrepreneurs create jobs where they can be the boss

AFTER PLAYING with race cars and tinkering with toys as a young boy, Chris Bacik has channelled inspiration from his childhood pastimes into a bankable business.

The 22-year-old is owner and operator of Sky Eye Media, a remote-controlled helicopter system that captures aerial photos and video. Images and footage collected are sought by clients like real estate agents and golf courses for promotional use.

And thanks to a $5,000 prize awarded through a business pitch competition for student startups, the Barrie, Ont., resident plans to use the cash infusion to create an enhanced system that will require two people to manoeuvre.

“I’ll be flying the helicopter and a secondary operator will be controlling the camera on the helicopter; but they’ll be able to essentially pivot the camera around 360 degrees,” said Bacik, who recently completed study in mechanical engineering and business at Western University in London, Ont.

Since his business took flight, Bacik hasn’t had to sift through want ads or scan through job sites looking for work: for the past two summers, he’s been his own boss.

He was a one-man marketing machine, taking his Sea-Doo around the lakes in the Muskoka area, north of Toronto, and tying flyers to people’s docks.