6 secrets for building a super team

Original post by Greg Brockman via GIGAOM

Every tech company tries to hire the best talent available, but there is a lot more to building a great team than just putting a group of talented individuals in a room. I’ve worked on a number of teams and witnessed varying degrees of cohesion. So when I joined Stripe as our first engineer, I brought with me a conviction that we should obsess over our team’s personal interactions. And when I started building our recruiting program, I made sure we spent as much time thinking about how new hires would affect our culture as how they would perform at their jobs.

I’ve strived to create an environment of happy, productive people who are excited to show up to work in the morning (or afternoon, as appropriate!). I’ve found that this environment, while being extremely positive in its own right, also gives us a competitive advantage in recruiting. The following points are the most important takeaways that I’ve learned while heading up recruiting.