Make Them Want You: The Importance of Employer Branding

Original post by Josh Tolan via Business Insider

Branding isn’t just for your favorite household products anymore. In fact, branding isn’t just for brands anymore period. All good companies know they should be aware of their brand identity and what it says about the company at large. On an individual level, with the increasing importance of internet and social media, everyday workers are also becoming more savvy about their personal brand. So why aren’t more companies concerned about branding when it comes to employment and recruiting?

A good employer brand strategy is like a good product brand strategy. It focuses on, among other things, potential profitability, reference groups, “product” features, and word-of-mouth. Recent research has found that only about 51 percent of companies have a working employer brand strategy in place. A further 24 percent are working towards a plan and 19 percent are revising theirs. That means that it’s certainly not the time to wonder if making an employer brand strategy is useful. Your competitors are likely devising and implementing a branding plan that will help them scoop up all the top talent.