Hire today or gone tomorrow: How your startup is getting lapped by companies who know how to hire

Original post by CHARLIE O’DONNELL via This is going to be Big

There will always be an excess of bad ideas and dumb money in the market–so we’ll always be complaining about a lack of talent, no matter how many developers there are.

Still, I contend that most companies have no idea how to hire, and in the last week, my theory got proved to me several times over.

In February, I got contacted by a former management consultant who was now working in an operations role for a high profile startup.  He was ready for his next big thing and offered to help me out with the fund.  I wasn’t hiring, but I agreed to meet him due to his generous offer.  We met up and I was super impressed.  In March, I introduced him to two startups that needed some operations help.

The first company responded right away, but offered to meet the candidate ten days later.  Four weeks went by and the other company still hadn’t responded at all–not until I nudged them.

Luckily, he wasn’t in that much of a rush, so the timing still worked out for meetings.  Both companies were impressed and one wanted to make an offer.  The other one didn’t really follow up at all, and I got a note from the candidate:

“btw, any idea what could have happened on the [Company #2] front?  I thought the entire process went as well as it possibly could and I even walked out of there (after meeting [the founder] and the entire team in two sessions) w/ what I thought was a soft offer.  and then radio silence.  I’ve followed up as non-annoyingly as possible via email but I don’t want to be pushy.  any thoughts?”