Right Person, Right Time, Right Place: Barbara Van Gorder Joins the Right Source Marketing Team

Original post by MIKE SWEENEY via sys

The recruiting game has changed dramatically over the past decade. The practice of social recruiting, once considered a trend, is now an essential piece of the recruiting puzzle. According to Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey 2012, over 66% of recruiters use Facebook, over 50% use Twitter, and over 90% use LinkedIn to find new talent. For the job seeker, minding your Ps and Qs on these properties can mean the difference between landing your next gig or never getting the chance to interview.

Here’s the part that hasn’t changed: if you don’t mind those Ps and Qs during every other step of the recruiting process, the social networking part will never even enter the picture. Attention to detail is one of the core values of Right Source Marketing, and in most cases the recruiting process has a way of showing us who is paying attention, and who is not.

The Right Source Marketing team is proud to announce that those Ps, Qs, and many other fantastic qualities brought us Barbara Van Gorder, our new Account Manager based in our Reston office. Barbara started with us 10 days ago, and is charged with providing sound marketing advice and an outstanding client experience for a variety of Right Source clients.