Staff of startup BostInno shares advice for success

Original post by Sonia Su via USATODAY

There’s one phrase that many journalists like to hear and use: “You learn something new every day in journalism.”

This is certainly true for local news, which combined “Boston” and “innovation” to form its name. What began in 2008as a community startup blog has matured into a full news platform that is attempting to reinvent city news online.

“Here at BostInno, we believe that the future of local news needs to be community-driven — the days of a small group of people informing the rest of us about what we need to know are a thing of the past,” wrote Chase Garbarino, co-founder and CEO of Streetwise Media. “The Internet and digital technologies now enable anyone to be a publisher, which has created a large opportunity for the creation of a much more democratic news platform which brings together the diverse set of voices and opinions that reside in any city.”

Whether you hope to be a journalist or an entrepreneur, this is your chance to learn something new with an inside look into the BostInno team as they share their experiences and tips for college students.