Study: 75 percent of Americans on the lookout for a new job

Original post by sfgate

A new poll suggests most Americans are always keeping an eye out for that next better paying or more satisfying job.

The study commissioned by social recruiting firm Jobvite of Burlingame found that three out of every four workers are actively looking for, or at least open to taking, a new job. That’s up from 69 percent during a poll last year.

Those numbers take into account all workers, employed or not. But even of those who do have jobs, 60 percent would be open to taking a new job and 9 percent are actively seeking one, the study said.

However, job seekers are more pessimistic than last year about finding that job – 61 percent say it’s harder to find a job now than last year.

Something that may hold them back even more – looking bad on a social network. Previous studies showed 86 percent of job recruiters are likely to look at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to check out potential employees.