The Bakery – Where the Great Things Start

Sometimes ideas, even the best ones, need additional help to become reality. Entrepreneurs and business founders looking for someone to kick-start their companies are heading to places such as the Bakery – where the great things are bound to happen if you work hard enough. Now, the Bakery joins us for the London Tech Job Fair in search of new employees.

The Bakery was formed in 2013 by Tom Salmon, Andrew Humphries and Alex Dunsdon, designed to partner high growth startup companies with multinational corporates to solve their biggest innovation challenges.

Everyday, the Bakery works hard on turning ideas into reality – ideas which can potentially change the world we live in. It’s not easy nor simple and the effort the founders put into making the Bakery run smoothly is based on their passion for innovation and progress.

“We are on a mission to make the world a more entrepreneurial place and, over the last five years, have built a unique model and process which brings together the world’s biggest corporates with the best entrepreneurs – to make innovation happen”, they say.

Now you can assist their efforts as well. The Bakery is looking for new employees to join their team. If you’re a challenge-seeking, ambitious and open-minded person, there might just be the place for you in the Bakery. Would you like to work with the impressive startups and help them shape the future? To have a chance of getting employed, book your free job seeker ticket for the London Tech Job Fair today and meet with the Bakery team in person!

You can also learn more about the company by visiting their website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram!