Gaining Experience When You’ve Got No Experience: A Newbie Guide to Career Start

Newbie Guide to Career Start

“I can’t get a job because I’ve got no experience, and I’ve got no experience because I’ve got no job!”

How many of us got ever stuck in this vicious cycle? It’s a common problem! Not only for those of us who are fresh graduates, but also for those people who want to turn their career around and try something new.

Getting experience suddenly looks like such a challenge. That’s why today we come to you with several ideas of where to get the precious experience to fill your portfolio with.



That’s a very, very basic idea but it works. You should always look out for internships. It may be hard to get one when you’ve got a full-time job already, but sometimes you can get companies to agree on part-time or even flexible working routine.

You can look up internships on most of the job boards, in the local newspapers and online magazines. Some of the companies post them on their websites, so make sure you keep an eye out on them too.


Reaching out to the companies

You can also get in touch with companies personally. If you know who’s working in your desired niche, you can send an email to the team and ask if they need help. This gives you a lot of flexibility in deciding what your role would be as part of their staff and what conditions both parties will agree on. 

Get ready for a lot rejection though. Most of companies won’t be answering at all.


Events & Networking

Attending all sort of networking events and job fairs is an experience you shouldn’t skip. Whether you find a job or not, it’s your chance to leave your name in places and connect to people who might eventually get back to you.


Go Back To Uni

It doesn’t hurt to also get in touch with your old faculty. A lot of them have special alumni-dedicated events and activities that you can benefit from. And if not, they may have ways of helping you in some other way. Since you are their graduate, they will be far more likely to send you an answer and try finding solutions to your problem.


Get Involved In Non-profit

There are plenty of organisations out there that have no budget to cover experienced employees. Non-profit organisation frequently co-work with people who have the skill but no portfolio to back it up. Reach out to the foundations and organisations in your city or look up non-profit websites that serve the purpose of connecting job seekers with institutions.


Don’t Forget About Social Media

Facebook and Linkedin are your best bet when it comes to building your network of professional contacts. These two platforms offer one of the best functions to serve this purpose: discussion groups. From job seeker groups to industry-specific communities – you’ve got a full palette of choice where to go and who to speak to. Be vocal, active and helpful – and eventually someone will notice you.


Over To You

Being an inexperienced person in the crowded job market was never and will never be easy. But stay positive – if you put enough effort, action and heart into getting the experience, it will eventually pay off. Remember – reaching out to people is your key to success.