Soft Skills to Ensure Your Career Growth

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The job market changes crazily fast and while we all want to adapt asap, we can miss a very important thing that is essential for career growth. And that is developing soft skills. You may have graduated from a well-known university with the highest possible marks, but that’s surely not enough. While hard skills can be trained easily, soft skills are not that easy to be taught or measured. It’s about self-development.

Hard Skills vs Soft skills

Let’s understand what is a soft skill and how it differs from a hard skill in the first place. As we have mentioned above, hard skills are those that can be taught and measured. You can always take a test to know your calculating, reading, typing or writing abilities. Things are different with soft skills. Well, your hiring managers can ask you to take a test and measure how getting along, listening to others or leadership skills. But how will they give you a mark on it? On the other hand, they can teach you how to do certain things like calculate or use software, but can they teach you how to be more creative? Shortly, hard skills are more about knowledge that can be gained, soft skills are more about your attitude and personality.

Why do I Need Soft Skills If I Have Excellent Hard Skills

According to this/the research made by Linkedin, “57% of leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills” so this is serious. These leaders have a good point. Let’s imagine a leader has to fill a certain position and there are two top candidates to choose from. One is a master of the work, has a strong knowledge base and good background, but doesn’t have communication skills and is not the person that will get along with the team. The other has less knowledge but is easy to work with and can be a great team player. This leader will most likely choose the second candidate and maybe even organize some training for him or her. And this is not about one leader or two, you’ll see this in most serious companies.

What are the Soft Skills I Need

1. Leadership

You may think that this skill is just for those who have high positions in well-known companies. Let’s look at this from another point of view. How did they get to that position? No one is born to be a CEO, they went through hard work to gain experience. Why can’t you do the same? Don’t be afraid to show your leadership skills even if you have just started your career. Putting your skills into action will help you develop them.

2. Communication and Teamwork

Communication skills are of most importance if you really want to accelerate your career. These skills will help you in building relationships with your teammates. Eventually, people will start respecting and trusting you. And when an opportunity will come your way, your leaders will trust you with higher positions easily.

3. Problem Solving and Stress Resistance

Let’s be honest sooner or later you will have to face difficulties if you want to grow in your career. No easy way ever leads to real success. You need to be strong and solve the problems you meet on your way, instead of breaking down.

4. Creativity

We live in the era of innovations. Nowadays, it’s not easy to do or create something new. On the other hand, if you do things just like others do, you will be an ordinary worker in the office who always complains that his job is dull. This relates to anything absolutely. No matter if you want to open a small coffee shop or start/grow your career in AI, you need to be somehow different from others. Don’t be afraid to get creative and remember, almost everything we use now, including the device you use to read this article, sounded crazy some time ago.

5. Time Management

This is something everyone speaks about. Yet, all of us have to work on our time management skills. For some people, this is about not getting sleep at night or not spending any time hanging out with friends, but this is not the right way to choose. You have 24 hours a day and this can’t be changed. What can actually be changed is the way you use that time.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Keeping your own and others’ emotions under control is what we call emotional intelligence. To do so, first of all, you need to recognize these emotions and understand how to take control. Remember, people who manage their emotions by their brains can also manage other people’s emotions. When it comes to other people, you may think it’s not polite, but if you want to have career growth and be a leader, you should be able to manage how your employees feel about certain things.

7. Growth Attitude

This point may sound too simple, who doesn’t want to grow? Actually, very few people do. Let me bring an example, each of us wants to keep fit. How many of us actually do exercises, run, keep diets? This means we don’t want enough. On the other hand, if we want to have an ice cream, we do go to the kitchen, open the fridge and get our favourite flavour. Did you see the difference between “wanting” and “getting”? What you should do, is actually thinking on your career growth, understanding that you really need it and persuading yourself. Growth is an attitude.

These were the soft skills you should develop if you expect career growth. Nowadays, robots can gain knowledge faster than you do, Artificial Intelligence changes the world and if you think you can win robots with your knowledge, unfortunately, you are in the wrong way. Instead, you can win them with your skills. Don’t lose time!


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