Winning a job interview: How to’s

Winning a job interview: How to’s

We want a job! Yes! We want to have a career. That’s the reason why we go to school; why we build ourselves; why we strived hard to get a diploma. But, we all know it doesn’t end up there. Even CEOs of every company took steps for them to be in the position where they are now. Every company has this stage where they are choosing the right people to join their team, and this is the interview. Will you be chosen? In this world full of competency, how would stand out?

Base from experiences we have gathered, we’ve made a summary to show you on how to stand out in a job interview.

Know the company

Every employer is eager to know how far would you go for them, and the basic thing you can do is to research in advance what their company is all about, search for the company’s accomplishments, the core of their business. Look for what they can provide to people, to industry where they belong to, and to every employee. In this way, you can show them that you already have the care of what they do and provide. Every employer wants to feel the passion you have for their industry and how much care you could give in their organization. That’s the reason why they ask every applicant the reason why you chose their company.

Prepare – dress and arrive early

The interview is the first stage where you’re given the opportunity to showcase yourself. It is your advantage if you prepare yourself ahead. As they say, the first impression count, and so do all the efforts that will make you leave a good impression to the interviewers. From your preparation to your dress and being on time.

Prepare yourself. Get ideas! Read some of common job interview questions. This way, you can save yourself and answer some of the common questions your interviewers might ask you. They can relate to everything – from yourself to the company. When you’re prepared, you can also boost your self-confidence, and when you have the guts, you’re calm, and when you’re calm, you can deliver. It’s to your advantage if you’re prepared. The benefits of being prepared– it’s you who will earn it.

Make yourself presentable. Dress! Interviews are formal meetings where you are selling yourself. Who wants to buy your products if they are not clean right? The basic rule in selling is to make your product attractive so that people will give it a shot. And now, the product is yourself. Make yourself professional. Dress clean and neat. You can also make an impression simply by dressing yourself. [Read: The Importance of Dressing Well for a Job Interview ]

Apart from being prepared, the next thing you should value to your interviewers is time. Don’t ever make them wait nor arrive too early. Not giving importance to someone’s time is disrespectful but arriving too early might be irritating for them. Arrive on time where you can still recall everything you have searched for the company and possible interview questions; where you can make yourself relaxed and calm. Buffer yourself, make time to collect your thoughts. [ Read: ]


But above all, your answers and overall presence are what matters most on how to stand out in a job interview. And here are some of the tips you can do to win an interview.

1-  Build a relationship with your interviewer

Don’t forget to smile as you get in. It’s good that your interviewer/s would feel your aura as you came into their office. Greet them as a sign of respect. It’s normal to feel pressured but don’t make them see that. Bring your sense of humour if you can. It’s important that your interviewer would feel the confidence in you.

2. Listen and speak clearly

Your readiness really matters. This is your weapon on how to stand out in a job interview. As mentioned earlier, it’s to your advantage if you’re prepared. Listen carefully to every question your interviewer is throwing at you and speak your answer clearly where your interviewer could understand your point. There’s no rush for anything, if you don’t understand the question, feel free to ask for it to be repeated. Take time to think. Give examples from your experiences when necessary. State what you can do and provide to help them. Always remember to give honest and direct answers. And when you speak, speak with confidence. Those interviewers are not monster who will eat you when they don’t like your answers. Just think that they are just also ordinary people who’re looking for someone to join their team and this is your chance to make them feel and think that it is you who they’re looking for.

3. Mark your good impression as you leave

You have already exchanged conversations. Yes! You have already provided answers to all of their questions, but again, it does not end there. You will not just say thank you and walk out the door and leave.

Because every interviewer/s want to see also your interests in their company, you can ask them questions before you leave. Make them feel you’re really interested in what they do. This is also the time where you can mention some of the related experiences or accomplishments you were not able to mention. If none, say so… But don’t forget to mention your key skills and how passionate you are for the position. And before you end all of the conversations, ask them if they still need other information from you or what will be the next steps to be in this position. End the interview the way you started it. You came in with a smile and leave with a smile. Arrive and leave with positivity in you.

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Now, all the tips on how to stand out in a job interview are here. The key point that will help you survive you in an interview is to be proud of yourself, be confident in your skills, have a mindset that no one else could be right for the position they want except you. Start the positivity from yourself and your plan will go the way you want it to happen.