STAR Technique: How to Rock the Behavioural Questions

What does STAR technique mean?

We always prepare ourselves to typical questions that every employer might ask us. We know that being prepared will also help us. But let’s face the reality, who among us never had a struggle in responding to behavioural interview questions?

These behavioural interview questions measure your personality on how you have acted in the past and how you have handled complicated situations. Every employer or interviewer wants to see how well you respond to these questions as this will also define your future performance with them. This STAR technique will surely help you out!

Example of behavioural questions are:

  • Tell me the mistake you’ve done with your previous employer and how you overcame with it?
  • Give example where you did not meet the deadlines and how you handled it.
  • How were you able to implement a decision in a situation you were not familiar with?
  • How do you disagree with your co-worker?

What does STAR technique mean?

What does STAR technique mean?

STAR technique is a method you can use to survive with these behavioural questions from interviewers. STAR is an acronym that stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. As a job seeker,  this will help you to give a thorough answer to questions. Now let’s get into details and we will explain every word that stands for S.T.A.R.

Situation: Create a scenario in your mind where you faced a challenge at work or at school – or any experience that made you overcome complicated situations. Like, when your group did not meet the deadline of a project, or when you had a conflict with your co-worker; a misunderstanding with your customers. Be as specific as possible!

Task: Next, explain what was your responsibility in the given situation. Tell your exact role among others. Your interviewer doesn’t have any idea of your history so make sure that they understand your role among others.

Action: This is the most important in the STAR technique. This is also your opportunity to highlight what exactly you did in that situation. This is your chance to build up yourself and be like the hero in every Marvel movie you’ve seen.

The important thing here is you specify all the techniques and skills you contributed to making the whole team survive or on how you could overcome this. Remember to focus on what you did rather than the team or any person in that situation, in that way, they can relate on how you became a big help to your team that made you overcome this through experience you had.

Result: And finally, the positive outcome. Explain the outcomes of your action and emphasize all your accomplishments in that situation. You might also want to state the lessons you have learned.

Follow the STAR technique to showcase yourself in a systematic manner. But always remember that the key to standing out in an interview is you being prepared and positive.