5 Common Interview Questions: The Key Points

5 Common Interview Questions: The Key Points

Every company is not just looking for someone who can do the work, but for someone who’s willing to go beyond expectations. That’s why an interview is mandatory for every applicant. This measures your ability and skills to deliver the experiences you had and on how these will help you to contribute success to the company. The process and your chance to build up your self among others.

Winning a job interview is the goal of every applicant. The STAR technique will help us but we should also know the key points of every question.

5 Common Interview Questions: The Key Points

Most of the companies are after your experience that is related to the job position. Make sure to give an answer related to the job position you applied- if not, make a connection in some way. For example, you were an online teacher before but applying for a Customer Service Representative position. If you think of it, there’s no relation, isn’t it? But thinking of the soft skills, being a teacher tests your patience which can help you in handling customer concerns in a more civilised and relaxing manner.

Aside from your experiences, the company is also after your personal background and how you can contribute to the company with or without experience- actually, there’s no such thing as “no experience”, come to think of it during your intern? During your project? Your presentation report? Your training- every experience in your education is relevant to the career you want. If not for actual experience- apply what you have learned in your academics.

5 Common Interview Questions: The Key Points

Without further ado, here are 5 common interview questions and tips to answer:

1- Tell me about yourself.

Don’t mention what was written in your resume or application letter- they have read that. Don’t mention your favourite food nor a favourite movie; stop telling the story of your life- it’s not what they want to hear. Mention something about your recent achievements, your skills and goals.

2- Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A company is looking for someone who’s motivated, hard worker and would stay for them in the long run. Hiring new people, recruiting and training consume a lot of time that’s why they want someone who will stick with them.  Therefore, the interviewers want to know your career goals and how the position will fit your plan. Your five-year goal should fit the position you applied to. Make them believe that this is your dream job.

3- Which is your strong side?

Let’s go and get focus first on your strength. You should be specific in assessing your strengths. Before your interview, make a list of your skills and categorized them into three types of skills. It will help you explain these traits thoroughly.

Three types of skills:

  • Transferable/Functional – These are your developing skills throughout your career. These actions are taken to perform a task and transferable to different work industries. (Ex. Problem-solving, Communication, Organizational skills)
  • Personal Traits/Attitudes – skills from your own experience. (Ex. Flexible, Friendly, Independent)
  • Personal Traits/Attitudes- these are skills you acquired through education, training or on-the-job experience. (Ex. Bookkeeping, Computer skills, Languages)

4- What are your weaknesses?

Discussing your weaknesses is like mentioning your flaw. Stop bragging about your own difficulties when you can address this without compromising your abilities. Mention your negative side but the company will treat it as their advantage because they will benefit from your weakness.

For example-

” I can’t help myself to work hard sometimes…”

” I am a perfectionist…”

” It’s hard for me not to double check my work…”

5- Why Do you want to work here?

Be knowledgeable enough about the company and from there, search for what they truly need and relate to yourself. Don’t focus on what you can get from the company, still answer the question by thinking of what the company can benefit from you. Understand your employer’s needs and share what you can contribute from your skills.

We always want to fit in and we are aware of the competency in every work industry. Every employer is actually looking for the reason to eliminate you during an interview but if you’re prepared, focused and positive these will help you through.

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