Prepare Your CV for 2019

Prepare Your Cv for 2019: TSJ

The year has just started and you still have plenty of time to make 2019 a great one for your career. If you have decided to take a step and find your dream job, updating your CV is the first thing you should absolutely think about.

The job market is changing very fast, hence you and your CV should be ready to meet new challenges. Not only you should edit CV for each position you apply for, but you should also adjust it to the trends of the year.

We at Tech Meet Ups, organize Tech Job Fairs and have a mission to let tech talent and companies that need them meet. And we also want to help job seekers represent them as great as possible. So here are some tips to give your CV a makeover.

Update The Structure

One more year has passed and you have gained some valuable experience to show. Maybe took some courses and got important certifications that could help you get the position you dream about. Bring them up! Managers get a lot of CVs for a single position and they don’t usually have much time to pay thorough attention to each. Make sure they see all of the valuable information you have.

Update The Information

If your career lasted more than 10-15 years, consider updating your CV and deleting some old information about the positions you had long ago. It’s great if you have worked since you were 15. Now if you are applying for a Manager’s position, no one cares about the job you had in the local cafe when you were at high school. We know that each job has an impact on our career and mindset, you can tell this during the interview when the time comes,  but don’t overload your CV.

Be Data-Oriented

We have talked about the major mistakes that people make in CVs in a separate article but it’s never odd to talk about being data-oriented. Don’t tell how well organized or what a great team-player you are – show them. These sort of things irritate the readers and don’t let them see the valuable data they want to know before they call you for an interview. Your own opinion about yourself is not what they are really looking for.

Who Reads Your CV?

More and more companies start using bots and the tendency is growing very fast. These bots are looking for the information provided in the job description in your CV. Consider using the same words to describe your hard skills for example. If in the past you have written only for hiring managers, consider updating your CV for ATSs and of course, don’t forget that human beings are the final decision-makers.

A Help to Your CV

Once a manager likes your CV, they are most likely to look for your profile on different platforms like LinkedIn. So, pay thorough attention to your profiles. Make them look professional and up to date. Don’t forget that professional platforms are not designed to just share a funny video or an yellow press article, of course, if that’s not related to your profession directly.

Is your CV ready for a great year to come? Then get ready to share it with the companies that might be looking for a person just like you. Tech Job Fairs can be a great chance to meet the teams in person and get you better opportunities to find and get your dream job.