What an Interviewer Wants To See: 5 Tips Any Applicant Should Consider

5 tips an applicant should consider: TSJ

From the preparation of every applicant in winning a job interview to discussing techniques in answering interview questions, are you now ready to face the interviewers?

We always see your point of view as an applicant on how to get through the interview questions and what considerations does the interviewer have for them to choose you. Admit it, sometimes you have the talent but because you’re not confident enough to express your answer, it hinders you to fit in. Or, sometimes, you’re too confident to talk about yourself and experiences, still, something is preventing you to get on board.

Have you ever wondered? What is it like for the interviewer? What are the things they are looking when they interview people? We’ll help you get ideas from these 5 tips:

1- Eye contact

An interviewer wants a connection. Why?

Your eyes can reflect your real intention to the company. Your honesty, sincerity and enthusiasm. Avoid your eyes skittering around the office. Get into that room with confidence and make your interviewer feel that you are being real with him, with the company, and with yourself.

2- Listen when he talks

Did you ever find yourself not listening to what the interviewer tells?

Sometimes, as an applicant, we think ahead- the answer to the next question or other things. We’re unaware that our attention is not on what our interviewer is saying. They’re looking for someone who can work with them on a daily basis and in the long run, it’s a plus point if you show them that you’re really interested in the position by carefully listening.

3- Don’t be someone you’re not!

Before the interview starts, most of us get thoughts in our mind that we are not actually the right candidate for the position and there are people who can do much better. That’s when we try to jump into someone else’s shoe just to impress. Well…It doesn’t work! Know yourself, know who you are and make them see that. Believe and be confident in your skills. Show them what you can do for the company. Everyone has a unique strength, so do you. Make them feel that you’re willing to go extra mile for the company.

4- Ask the interviewer

Asking some (not unless you have one it’s fine!) questions makes them see that you’re thinking about the process of the work. Ask something about their industry or niche, about their people or anything related. Don’t try to ask about the salary especially when it’s in the job ad- it’s lame! This will be a sign that you are interested more in the position than the compensation.  Your interviewer will appreciate if you ask a question that most of the applicants don’t.

5- Smile! Smile! Smile

Your interviewer wants to know you’re pleasant to work with. But, remember, too much makes you look like a fool. They like to foresee if they will enjoy your company. It makes you even a better fit for the position. Wearing your smile shows that you’re confident and relaxed. Bring your smile as you enter and leave the room. Your smile is your weapon!

As a job seeker, we all want a chance and opportunities. We used to travel from place to place just to showcase ourselves and make them see what we’re capable of. One easy way to get you on board and start a career is joining Job Fairs in your city and our Tech Meetups Team has a lot to offer.