Build Your Brand to Get that Job

Build Your Brand to Get that Job

Whether you are looking for your first or hundredth job, you need to brand yourself to stand out. Almost all of the spheres are full of candidates that are actively searching for new opportunities just like you.

Standing out is not less important than your professional skills, as let’s face it, it’s very hard to be a unique professional that can’t be replaced. Hiring managers get tonnes of CV’s for each position and they simply have no time to read them and analyze in detail. To make sure you are not just forgotten you need to build your brand so that recruiters get interested in you. Here are a few steps we advise to follow:

1. Customize your CV

This is not the first time that we talk about the importance of having a great CV and you can check some of our articles here. However, having a kick off CV is not just enough, it should be the right one for the position you are applying for. If your education has nothing to do with it, instead you had great experience in multiple companies in the field, make sure to emphasize your work experience. Don’t forget to highlight the skills, especially the unique ones that the hiring manager may be looking for. In a word, understand your strong points for the position you want to fill and make sure it’s visible from the first glance, of course, keeping it professional.

2. Write an Outstanding Cover Letter

While taking care of your CV you shouldn’t forget about your cover letter. Just adding a subject in the e-mail is far from being enough. The cover letter is your voice that the managers should hear. Be warm, yet professional. Showcase your strong points while keeping it short. This may sound a bit hard, but you should give it a try and the result won’t make you wait for a long time.

3. Get Social

Do you want your future employer to see the photos of a crazy part back from school years? Well, try to google your name and see what appears there and make sure they won’t be surprised in the worst way to see some of your pictures or posts on social platforms. Try to show your interests by sharing and posting things related to your profession. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any pictures of your brother’s birthday party. However, you can manage who sees your posts so don’t forget to use this feature.

Build Your Brand to Get that Job

4. What About a Blog?

While this can’t work for everyone and all the fields, it’s an easy and reliable way to build your brand. Let your opinion on the latest trends be there when hiring managers google your name. This will show that you are actually interested in what you do and can be a great help for their company. If you manage to get your blog famous, companies will come to you themselve.

5. Connections!

Yes, building your network is too important. Instead of complaining that only people who have many connections get high in their career stand up and make those valuable connections. Make sure to have your visit card with you. You never know who you’ll meet in the elevator or the cafe. It’s not like you should hand out your visit card to anyone you meet. Do your homework. Get to know the CEO’s or managers of the companies in your field. Use social media, you can even know their favourite cafes in the city. And when you see one of those people you want to make a connection with, find a common thing to speak about. Weather can be a great help anytime! If things go well, connect with them on LinkedIn when you come home and don’t forget to send a little thank you note with it. Even if you never come to work in one of their companies, just knowing them and having in your connections list would be a great help.

This was what we think about building your own brand. Don’t forget to check our Tech Job Fairs and join us as it can be a great way to find your dream job.