Work in Flanders: The International Labour Mobility Service

Work in Flanders: The International Labour Mobility Service

More and more companies join our Tech Job Fairs to find the talent they need and we are excited to share their stories with you. Meet Work in Flanders who joins us in London Tech Job Fair.

Work in Flanders is the international labour mobility service from the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB) looking out for potential employees abroad to help the innovative economy flourish and work out the shortages that this exciting Northern region of Belgium is undergoing. The company provides tailor-made international services for Flemish employers in need of professional staff.

The companies vision is:

  • Concentric labour market model and approach
  • Creative matchmaking solutions
  • Win-win situations with a strong moral vision
  • Branding an attractive and innovative Flanders
  • From startup and small scale businesses up to large companies and multinationals with opportunities based in Flanders
  • “One’s need could be another one’s dream career”

This exciting company joins us in London and has a lot of opportunities for you. Make sure to get your tickets and meet the team of Work in Flanders in person. This may be your chance to level up your career.

You can also learn more about the company and what they do by visiting their website, Twitter and Facebook.