Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management & Product Content Syndication

Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management & Product Content Syndication

Do you want to level up in your career? Then it’s time to think about getting a new job you have dreamed about. Berlin Tech Job Fair is an amazing chance to meet leading companies that are looking for tech talent to join their teams. As in the past years, Productsup joins us again and may be looking for just you. Get to know them before you meet the team in person.

In 2010, two entrepreneurs founded Productsup with the simple objective to manage retailer feeds, agency-style. Along the way, a light bulb moment happened that would instantly set Productsup on to a new path to pioneership of an untapped space within the digital economy: Productsup became a cloud-based, SaaS platform that would empower commerce enterprises to seamlessly transfer their product content to the global matrix of ever-changing shopping and marketing channels – putting these companies in the driving seat of their own digital transformation journey. Now headquartered in a modern office in the heart of Berlin, Productsup has over 800 customers, including Fortune 500 companies, and a team of more than 115 FeedFighting talents located all over the world.

Productsup: Leading Software for Feed Management & Product Content Syndication

The team unites 26 nationalities. While being spread across 10 offices worldwide, they’re one big happy family. They believe that performance should be measured by the work created, rather than the hours put into the office.

The company is always looking for exceptionally talented, ambitious individuals who aren’t afraid to take initiative and make an impact in a fast-paced market environment. They care about diversity, inclusion and individuality at Productsup. The team has clear cut roles for optimal productivity which are open for new talent, but they do not have a clear cut idea of who should fill them. So long as they are true to themselves, enjoy puns about data, free pizza during onboarding week and Mario Kart tournaments.

The real benefit of working at Productsup is the people, the atmosphere and the decision making philosophies that empower them to take action fast and be fearless of failure. Other benefits, as they say, include:

  • “We have a Chief Heart Officer, Benno the Golden Retriever, who monitors workplace stress levels. He has hired a puppy intern named Theo to help patrol the two-storey workspace in Berlin. Let’s not forget the Boston Terriers, Holley and Baloo who always lift office morale.
  • Our Berlin office kitchen is always fully stocked with free fruit, snacks, beer and wine. And more often than not, boxes of doughnuts “just because”, cinnamon buns when it’s cold, home-baked goodness or delicious travel souvenirs from our fellow coworkers.
  • Our meeting rooms are named after women and men known for their revolutionary contributions in tech and society, such as Alan Turing, Grace Hopper and Rosa Parker.
  • Mindfulness and fitness are important to many FeedFighters, so Productsup likes to contribute to Urban Sports memberships to make life that little bit easier.
  • Bi-annual, company-wide team events where FeedFighters from all corners of the world come together to celebrate past successes and strengthen that unique bond we share.”

Do you feel like you should be a part of this big family? Then Berlin Tech Job Fair is what you need right now. Get your tickets and make sure to take a look at our helpful articles for job seekers to increase your chances to get hired!

You can also learn more about Productsup by visiting their website or their accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.