Anti-Lost Alarm: Locating Has Never Been This Easy

How forgetful are you? How many facepalming you’re doing every day because you’re frustrated looking for things?

Do you often forget where did you last put your belongings like your car key, wallet, cellphone and likes?

As much as we want to keep things secure, there is a really a point in our lives that we forget things. Questions like, where did we last put it? When we thought it was here, but then it’s gone- simple things! But time-consuming to find. Frustrating right?

Anti-Lost Alarm

Now, this product is a Godsend for you. At TechMeetUps Shop we make your time important the way we want to make your life easy.

Our Original Anti-lost Alarm Smart Tag will help you to locate things easily. A compatible device for your wallets, bags, suitcases, even on your pets or children. This product is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It will work for a distance of up to 75 feet.

This product has an alarm. When for example, you forget where you last put your car keys or wallet, this product can help you by making a sound for you to locate it. This is a wireless Bluetooth tracker. Once the necessary app is installed on your iOS or Android phone, in just one click, you can easily connect this anti-lost alarm product to your phone. You can control and manage the settings of this device over your phone. What’s good about this product, you can use your phone to control the product and the product to control your phone.

Yes! You can use our Anti-lost Alarm Smart Tag as a remote control for your phone. That’s one of the great functions of this product. When you misplaced your phone, you can use this product to turn on the alarm for you to locate your mobile. On the other hand, when you misplaced something and this product was attached to it, you can use your phone to turn on the alarm of this product so that you can locate it too.  This product is audible, loud and effective- makes locating easy! And if you’re a health conscious person, it has a Passometer function to measure the number of steps you made for the day.

“So, what about when we lost it for more than 75 feet?”

Don’t worry, as long as this product is connected to your phone, the last location is automatically recorded, and you can use that info to locate. Better to have even one idea than nothing right?

Anti-Lost Alarm

This product is small and light. You can useit as your keychain on your car keys, a pendant on the necklace of your pet, inside your wallet or inside the pocket of your child.  Secure everything with our Original Anti-lost Alarm Smart Tag. Save time on finding things. Get one for each of your belongings and attach this product. It comes in different colours.

Experience the benefits for yourself. You might want to check our shop for more products you can use.  Lessen the burden from your every routine. Lessen the stress and save time!