Job Search Tips: How to Make the Process Fun and Useful

When you think about getting a new dream job you imagine a beautiful office in a cool business centre, nice team, great benefits and perks and high salary, of course. However, when you come to think about finding that job, that’s what makes you think twice before letting yourself dream more. Job search websites and staffing agencies can be a lot of help, but you still have to go through that long process you want to avoid so much. Here are some job search tips, that may no shorten the process but will definitely make it fun and useful.

1. Make things clear: Yes, maybe you already have a profession and have built your career, so what makes you think about changing your job? It’s not always the company, the team, the salary or so. It’s often about changing what you do. Of course, it’s hard to become a doctor after working as a project manager your whole life, but a little change could do a lot of good. So first of all, make sure to understand what makes you think about changing your job, create a list of positions you could be a great fit for (don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with this). Maybe it’s time to catch your dream!

2. The CV and Self Branding: It’s never too much to speak about CVs when it comes to job search tips. Customizing your CV is first and one of the most important steps you should take, even if you are not actively looking for a job at the time. Who knows, maybe you get a once-for-a-lifetime opportunity and you should have it ready. Here you can see how to prepare the CV for 2019 and the mistakes you should avoid. The next step is branding yourself. This, of course, include preparing your CV, but it’s not limited to that. Building a brand around yourself is also about getting social, making connections and why not even starting a blog. See what you can do to brand yourself in our help article.

3. Develop a portfolio: Now that you have decided on the circle of jobs you could take, it’s time to think about your experience. This is necessary if you have decided to change your field, as no matter how many years you have worked in a different field you need to show why they should choose you over the candidates that actually have experience in that exact field. This is also for those who just want to start a career and have no experience. Here you can read how to get experience when you don’t know where to start.

4. Get Involved in Events: Whether you think it’s the right time to change your job or you need to wait a bit more, you shouldn’t miss events concerning career growth or job search. Our Tech Job Fairs could be the place you get to know the leading companies’ teams in person. Not only you’ll get to know what is up in the market, but you’ll have ideas on what you could do.

5. Be Ready to Wait: This is the point none of us wants to accomplish. We want things to work fast and that’s exactly how we lose a lot of opportunities. Don’t accept the first invitation that comes your way if you don’t really like it, it may be the one that comes before your dream job. Think well before accepting any invitation. It’s not the best thing to fire after a month just because you got another opportunity.

These were the job search tips we wanted to tell you. Make sure not to miss our Tech Job Fairs and get ready for new opportunities.