K2: Automating Your Business Workflows

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Maybe you see yourself helping businesses to transform in making their day-to-day tasks more convenient and in becoming more productive? Well, this company is for you. You might find this company interesting to start with.

K2 - Automating Your Business Workflows

K2NE GmbH is a parte of the K2 family, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions. The company’s dynamic, internationally oriented team exclusively serves the DACH region as well as the Nordic Region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) and the SPI Region (Spain, Portugal and Italy). Their customers include many market leaders and groups of different industries.

K2 started in the year 1998, since then, K2 has become an award-winning business application software company with five locations and 500 employees around the world.

You might be wondering what makes the company special?

K2 combines the advantages of BPM and low-code. With K2, companies can transform manual paper-based workflows into high-performance electronic processes. K2 offloads your IT because low-code business users can create, run, and deploy applications that are mobile, scalable, and reusable.

When a business wants to start BPM and Low Code, the company is ready to assist them with the project implementation. K2NE GmbH has professionals to help these business owners. From installation to upgrading software, and even for software maintenance, the company ensures that they are with them in every process. And even after the project has finished, the team are still there to manage servers and K2 applications. K2’s business applications and tools help people worldwide create successful solutions and increase mobility.

As their employee, you will learn in every process, they make sure you are performing beyond what is best. What they need from you is your willingness to grow and your motivation to learn their system.

K2 - Automating Your Business Workflows

Be one of K2NE GmbH team! With your tech talent skills, you can contribute ideas and knowledge to the company. Be one of those people behind every success of their clients. Create a possible impact to your country by making companies more productive at less cost. Be one of this company’s team to transform businesses.

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