Waiting to Hear Back After The Interview

None of us likes waiting for no matter what. Things get even worse when it comes to after-the-interview waiting. While no one can give you the exact answer to your “how long should I wait after the interview?” question, there are certain things we want to discuss with you.

However, let’s make one thing clear, waiting less than a week is actually normal but if you didn’t hear back and it’s more than a week, here are some reasons that don’t actually mean they don’t consider your candidacy further.

Something urgent happened that needs to be solved in no time. Well, getting your new job may be the most important thing for you right now, but the hiring managers have a lot of duties that are not related to filling the position.

After the interview waiting may seem too long for you, while it’s a short time for the company to interview other candidates, get the decision makers together, share thoughts, view the portfolios and make a final decision. They surely want to hire the best candidate for the company and they need to evaluate each of the candidates not to make mistakes.

Sometimes companies have to put the hiring process on hold for multiple reasons like shortage of budget or problems with a major client. Even if they really liked you and wanted to see in their team, they may end up not hiring anyone at all for the time being.

Only hiring managers know how hard it is to keep track of each of the candidates. In big companies, they may get hundreds of CV’s for a single position and interview a big part of them. That means they may have forgotten you. This may really sound some kind of disappointing and may mean you were not the best candidate, but following up is the right thing to do at this point. This will show your interest and enthusiasm and can actually help improve your position. Following up after the interview is a whole art. You don’t want to rush or be rude and ruin the whole thing. Be sure to keep it professional yet direct.

However, the longer it takes the less it’s possible they will hire you. Actively look for other jobs, send your CV, go to the events for job seekers. Life doesn’t stop while you wait for the hiring manager to give you feedback. And if you are lucky to get more than one offer, you’ll have the opportunity to be the one who chooses between companies.

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