CAPMO: Creating better places!

What can be more exciting than these opportunities we offer?

Great news for Münchner job seekers! Our first Tech Job Fair this March will take over in Munich. Don’t waste your time travelling and looking for a company where you best fit in because our tech job fair will do the job for you- we will bring tech job opportunities in your City. All you have to do is to prepare yourself, sign up here and meet these companies we will be having.


One great company to join us in Munich is CAPMO. Capmo writes software for the construction industry. There are 10 million construction workers in Europe alone – and globally construction was a 14 trillion industry last year. 1 out of 10 people in the world eats, sleeps and breath construction every day. They believe that the hardest working people in the world also deserve great software to do their jobs. No matter if it is to renovate a private home or to build a new hospital – Capmo helps to realize great projects to create better environments!

Capmo is a cloud-based SaaS solution for the construction industry. We equip the hardest working people in the world with digital tools automating repetitive and error-prone tasks to realize buildings at a pace that was previously impossible. Digital construction plans on mobile devices are the base of Capmo to innovate processes such as auto-construction documentation, punch listing or sheet comparisons. Capmo is currently used on more than 1000 sites and is growing fast across Europe.

We are a bunch of fun, interdisciplinary, and international people striving to become the leading digital solution for the construction industry. In our Munich based team, we combine 8 different nationalities (e.g. Germany, Croatia, Japan, Brazil, etc.) and 9 different study backgrounds (e.g. AI Ph.Ds, software engineers, UX designers, etc.). To further drive our growth, we are backed by leading VCs since December 2018 and are now looking for YOU to join us!


Are you now ready to build a better future?

Great! This company is waiting for you. Enhance your knowledge and help the company to become the leading digital construction solution by enhancing their state-of-the-art web- and mobile-stack. Their backend is built on NodeJS according to domain driven design. All infrastructure runs on AWS and is deployed using AWS Cloudformation. They have a single GraphQL API for both the mobile apps as well the web app that also supports offline synchronisation. For their web app they use React and Apollo. The mobile app is built in React Native with WatermelonDB as a client side database that is synchronised with the backend for offline availability. Sounds interesting?

Your better future might start at Capmo and our Munich Tech Job Fair is your easiest way to get in touch with the team in person. We’re excited to see you with us. Come and join our Tech Job fairs and make your dream possible this March.

You might want to visit their Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more info about the company. Don’t forget to sign up here!